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MDF---Supplied by Gino.(thanks)
Endcap cutouts---Cutout by Mike.(thanks)
Sonotube---$32 for 6'
6" x 26" port---free
Inner cutouts for endcaps---(Local lumber shop $14)
Polyester Batting---Walmart $7
Spray Adhesive---Walmart $9
Gorilla Glue---Lowe's $8
Silicon---Lowe's $2
Wood Screws .75"---$2
Speaker Wire---Free
Adire Tempest 15" Driver---$150 + Free S&H
Parts Express 272 watt plate amp---$118 with S&H
The look on my wife's face when the couch shook violently during a heavy bass scene---PRICELESS
Total $342.00 approx.

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